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starting a small business

Starting a Small Business: Where to start

So, you’re thinking about starting a small business but have no idea where to actually start! The first in this

What does authenticity mean for small businesses?

The rise of the conscious consumer Over the past few years, there has been a consumer shift toward supporting brands

Business with Ethics. Why we’re Joining the Better Business Act Coalition.

The past 18 months have pushed a combination of global and social concerns to the forefront including worker’s rights, the

6 tips to get customers supporting your small business.

One of the main concerns for small business owners is how to get those first few customers engaged in supporting

What is data analysis and why is it important?

In the golden age of information, data is everywhere. The words you type into google, the time you spend watching

&facts named amongst best SaaS companies in the UK by TechRound

We are delighted to announce that &facts has been announced as one of the top 66 SaaS (software as a

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