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Spot trends instantly with &facts

Adapt to constantly changing consumer behaviour at the touch of a button
Spot trends early: Stay ahead by identifyuing and acting on consumer trends before everyone else
No more "I reckon...": Use billions of consumer signals to make informed decisions that keep you ahead of the curve
Understand consumer preferences: Find differentiation opportunties by understanding what consumers reallyw ant
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Find new trends and get insight into changing consumer needs

Who should use &facts?

  • Product Development for NPD Teams
  • Understanding Customer Preferences and Competition
  • Spotting trends that can feed into Marketing and NPD
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How is &facts different to other market research tools
&facts stands out from other market research tools due to its unparalleled access to billions of real-world signals, providing the fastest and most accurate validation of ideas and product opportunities for brands.
How long long will it take me to do research?
Research timelines with &facts vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project but are generally expedited due to real-time access to consumer behavior data.
Where do you get your data from?
&facts sources its data from billions of real-world signals, offering insights derived from actual consumer behavior in real-time.