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UK Skincare Trends 2021

We've invested 200+ hours of research to uncover insights from some of the fastest growing brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe and Drunk Elephant

Really valuable and actionable data to help validate ideas, understand the market value, seasonality, trends and competition.
This report is super cool. I love it.
The insights into the seasonality are really powerful.

Andrew, Allia Impact
We were able to double our CTR on new facebook ad campaigns by using some of the insights from this skincare report.
Olamide, Sheshea Naturals

Who is this for

This interactive report is for new or existing skincare businesses, or individuals interested in learning more about the trends and consumer behaviour within the skincare market. 

What is inside the report?

A detailed view of over 50 growing trends, including leading brands, products and topics

15 Brands


Compares 15 leading brands including The Ordinary, The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Drunk Elephant, ESPA and Kiehl’s. 

See the interest for their brand in isolation, as well as in comparison to their nearest competitors.  Understand which decisions are helping brands get ahead of their competition. 


30+ Products & Topics


Compares over 30 products and industry trends across a number of product types and categories. Including hand, facial and body as well as skin conditions and importance of ethical and sustainability to consumers.


15+ Industry Trends


We identify growing trends that have at least doubled in the past 5-years, with some seeing increases of over 10x. We also identify downward trends that you may want to be cautious of following change in consumer behaviour.

Surveyed Millennials


We asked millennials (21 to 35 year olds) to tell us the importance of 10 different factors when buying a new skincare product. 

Find out the results in the report.

How much does this cost?

We've invested 200+ hours in developing this dashboard, and with a typical market research report costing £2k+, you'd be forgiven for thinking this might be expensive!

We're here to change things and support small businesses.
So, we're giving away this report for FREE.

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