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How many people will buy your product?
What is your optimum selling price?
How well are your competitors performing?
What are the current market trends?
What niches are you able to exploit?
Is there growing demand for your service?

Will customers buy your product? How popular are your competitors?

Find answers to questions that help your business grow with &facts – market research powered by trusted data

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&facts is a market research platform that takes the guesswork out of decisions by providing data-driven market insights

Easy to use platform

Our algorithms learn about your business then search our data points to provide you with the right analysis

Analysis as unique as you

Your analysis is created especially for you so its always relevant to your business and up-to-date

No arms and legs needed

Simple and straightforward pricing plans which are affordable for any start-up or small business

Our platform helps you understand relevant metrics and trends about your market

Discover your target audience

Not everyone is your customer. Find and understand your target audience by uncovering demographic breakdowns that can help you define your ideal customers. Group your customers by gender, age, income brackets, and more.

Validate the demand for your business

How many customers want what you are selling? See how many people are searching for your business everyday, see trends like growth and seasonality, and more.

Make your competition irrelevant

Understand your competitors better. Find out who your competitors are, what they are doing and how they are performing to ensure you can outcompete them.

Establish the right selling price

Determine your optimal selling price. Understand your demographic, obtain market trends, analyse the prices of your competitors, and more.

Define your market size

Learn how big your business opportunity is. Dissect your market based on demand, interest, demographics, geographical location and more.

Choosing the right pricing strategy

When setting up your business, understanding how to price your product or service is one of the most important things you can do. It can make or break your business.
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marketing mix

Why marketing mix is a key factor to your business successes

The "marketing mix"... a theoretical exercise or can your business actually benefit from this?
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market research

Is market research overrated?

Market research is a vital part of business planning, but why is it important and how do you use market research to gain a competitive advantage.
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