Stop wasting time and money trying to figure out what your customers want

We simplify the process and empower you, the e-commerce business owner, to understand what is happening in your market and sell more products.

We will give you insights for your business that likes of Tesco use to understand their customer behaviour.

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Understanding what your customers want is one of the hardest things ever.
We are here to change that.


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Specifically for your business

Our intelligent platform analyses thousands of data points to find relevant insights for your business. All within a few minutes.

We have the data

Your insights are powered by trusted data sources like Google that analyse the behaviour of millions of people every day.

Created for small businesses

We focus on small businesses.
Our platform exists to help the everyday business owner succeed.


The research you did last year is no longer relevant

What your customers want is constantly changing, so the research you did last year, or even a few months ago, is no longer relevant.

Post-pandemic, customers are much quicker to adopt new things. Larger businesses are constantly looking beyond their business at the wider landscape to predict what’s next. 

The &facts platform helps you easily stay on top of everything changing in the market and what your customers want. 

  • Automatic notifications of changes in the market
  • See the change in the market quantified
  • Insights based on quantifiable metrics, not subjective analysis
  • We’re constantly analysing the market for you in the background, and we’ll tell you when we spot new things


Wondering why your sales have dropped when you're doing everything right?

The seasonality of products can leave you wondering why suddenly your sales have dropped this month, or worse, leaving you out of stock.

Knowing the seasonality of your products lets you focus on the right products at the right time. 

  • Understand the seasonal variance within your business and products
  • Know when customers begin to look for your products
  • Plan your product line sufficiently enough to avoid overreliance on one seasonal period


Shopify Analytics
Google Analytics

won't tell you what your customers are looking for

Your internal data is limited to your existing customers, and when starting, your sales aren’t going to be reaching their potential. 

Your analytics tools will only tell you about what has already happened. They don’t tell you what your potential customers are doing. We understand you have limited data, and our platform was built precisely for this. 

  • Insights powered by data from millions of consumers 
  • Get insights to understand what is happening in your market
"Really valuable and actionable data to help validate ideas, understand the market value, seasonality, trends and competition."
"This is super cool. I love it.
The insights into the seasonality are really powerful."
Andrew, Allia Impact

The future of business insights

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy! Making up 99% of the business population, and employing over 16-million people! 

But, in the UK, 60% of new businesses fail within the first five years.

Big businesses invest in data and insights that power their growth and success. Unfortunately, for too long small businesses have been locked out of obtaining crucial insights to grow. 

&facts is the first tool to help small businesses better understand their customers and market easily. We’re democratising data to empower small business owners.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the past year, consumer behaviour is constantly changing. Small businesses need to be on top of this now more than ever. 

&facts is your insights dashboard to help you sell products your customers want

The cost of trying &facts: nothing, it is free, and you’ll get your insights within a few minutes too

The cost of not trying &facts: hours of wasted time, months of wasted progress and thousands in lost revenue