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Market trends

Stay ahead with current market pulse

Utilise real-time data to accurately gauge market shifts and changing consumer behaviour
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Find current market trends for immediate action
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Respond to consumer behaviour with real-time data
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Adjust strategies swiftly to retain competitive edge
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Insights-driven decisions for success

Deploy &facts' granular market data to refine strategic planning, personalise customer outreach, and drive business growth
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In-Depth Market Insights

Dive deep into market dynamics to uncover actionable insights
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Share of Voice

See how your brand's presence measures up in the market
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Market Pulse Tracker

Stay on top with real-time tracking and updates of market trends
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Navigate complex market dynamics with expert insights

Decode the complexities of market characteristics to build strategies that resonate with the marketplace.
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Understand nuanced market characteristics
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React to market dynamics with informed confidence
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Leverage consumer and market interplays for strategic advantage
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Product Features

Integrate with the best tools in the market

Don't waste time switching between multiple tools to manage your email campaigns. Bring them all together.
Spot and leverage emerging opportunities using Market Growth insights
Identify current customer interests and market shifts with What's Trending
Gain an edge by uncovering competitors' strategies with our Competition Analysis
Guide your marketing efforts by measuring your brand’s impact with Share of Voice
Uncover the fastest growing and leading brands with the Market Matrix
Understand the needs of different customer groups  with Market Segments.
Keep pace with fluctuating demand with Seasonality Insights
Stay informed and updated on market trends and shifts with Insights Tracking
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