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Unlocking success in the jewellery and watch industry

&facts delivers impeccable insights on consumer trends, brand performance, and market breathing space of the jewellery and watch industry.

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In the intricate world of watches and jewellery, &facts equips brands with an unerring analysis of the competition.
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Features shaping the jewellery and watch industry

&facts detailed insights dissect every element of jewellery and watch industry from product to perception.
Uncover the intricacies of 'minimalist aesthetics' trend preferences in the millennial customer base.
Decipher the barriers to purchase from expensive 'Diamond' collections to 'Alternative medicine' accessories.
Investigate the need for 'sustainable sourcing' and 'ethical production' in the luxury watches market.
Unearth the impact of 'circular economy' initiatives on consumer behaviour in the jewellery industry.
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