Shows product opportunities from &facts product insights

Launch products that customers needs

Leverage consumer signals to identify which products will sell, sidestepping costly and time-consuming research
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Direct line to market-ready products
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Uncover real-time product demand
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Make informed product choices with confidence
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Navigate ever changing consumer behaviour

Use our insights to your competitive advantage:  sharpening your product and market strategies to launch the right products at the right time
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Brand Leaderboard

Discover the top-performing brands in your market for benchmarking
See market performance (current year to date versus prior year)

Market Performance

Compare current year and prior year trends and market performance
See rich product data

Product Profiles

Access a rich profile of competing products, from features to sales
Insights on what customers love about existing products shown by &facts

Dissect competitors for your advantage

Gain a tactical edge by understanding why customers flock to rivals and where you can eclipse them.
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Uncover the ‘why’ behind competitor product preference
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Spot weaknesses in competitor offerings as opportunities
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Innovate with confidence, backed by solid insights
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Product Features

Integrate with the best tools in the market

Don't waste time switching between multiple tools to manage your email campaigns. Bring them all together.
Get Curated Insights to uncover market trends that directly impact your brand
Identify and capitalise on high-potential products with our Top Opportunities
Dig in to product details, sales, features and our analysis with Product Data
Use our Customer Problems analysis to discover and solve validated customer issues
Customer Dislikes helps you discover where competitors are falling short
Find insights on what Customers Love about existing available products
Monitor real-time consumer interest in your product with Market Demand tracking
Understand how different times of the year affect sales with Seasonality Insights
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